No. 53I have a good excuse…

I don’t really like the word excuse – let’s call it a ‘reason.’ It was time to clean out the closet. Literally.

There is something almost therapeutic about going through all of my old attire and sorting out what is old and no longer needed, what is old and still fashionable, and what is just in there. Besides the cool tax write-off and the philanthropic sense of giving when I already have no income – I really do mean therapeutic.

Consider this. There are a lot of hard lessons learned that I will never really specifically need again. I find myself hanging on to issues long dissolved and requiring absolutely no reflection to improve my sense of well-being, yet they are there – haunting. It is important to me to let go of a lot of the wants and desires that have no significance on my life anymore – worse, they could be a distraction. When I was 12 I wanted a Lamborghini Countach soooooo badly – had posters and everything – you see where I am going with this?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting discarding all childhood dreams. To illustrate the point, I kept my soccer jersey from when I played in high school (number 53, baby… el ocho!). In fact, I reminded myself of some of the items that had been lost in plain sight for years. I had a chance to recover them. It’s not so unlike taking stock of my skills as a consultant. Sure, having a command of MS Office comes in handy all the time, but my mastery of the Media 100 NLE on a Power PC circa 1998 does not do me much good these days.

For much of this ‘stuff’ the experience was good for what it was. ¬†Whether it was the clothing on my back or the skills I picked up through schooling and career work, those things had a place in my past. My closet is still pretty full, but I am ready to fill it in with the next set of stuff – a new shirt, perhaps some board shorts for the pending wakeboarding season, or maybe an expertise in workflow management software integration…

I can’t wait to get out into the garage!