Home BrewLo and behold, a prospect?

It just may be that my partner stumbled across something great. At least, it is giving us an opportunity to test our metal in the world of small business expansion. All the while, the loose consultant moniker may pay its first dividends. There may be an opportunity to “work” as the position we are trying to more clearly define and establish proper training for the future. Exciting!

Oh, and today is home brewed joe. I’m not done with the public places search just yet. I am starting to miss the thought diversity offered by populated environments. It’s important that the other folks around ‘might’ have a contribution to the knowledge floating in the room – and that I ‘might’ have a meaningful reciprocation.

Today I am also balancing consulting with entertaining – prepping the house for friends to visit that I haven’t seen in a year. Sad seeing as they live less than 5 minutes away. I see it as a new benefit to the consulting gig, that I can carve out that time and enjoy the living space more.

Pausing for the weekend (probably).