Staying Busy

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Idle time can be draining…

It occurs to me that the biggest challenge I face now is what happens when I am not busy. And I don’t mean, necessarily, with the work of business consulting. It could be yard work, house work, dishes, laundry, whatever. Any busy work that does something to enhance my environment counts.

That’s the key really – that it enhances my environment. Never mind for a second my profession, the time for enhancing my own position and esteem in life comes from the effort I am placing in it. Work provides rewards (though certainly monetary rewards are quite welcome). If the task I am doing provides a reward than it has value and is worth persuing. Else, I am lying idle and allowing life to pass by.

So tasks with rewards = happy. Tasks with no reward (or no task at all) = wallowing is dispare and self pity… Decisions, decisions.

It boils down to stimulus. All of these little tasks work together to propel me down a path. The trick is to steer down a path I want and not one leads to stress and anxiety.

Fortunately for me, my next task is reviewing and editing a business plan. I’m going with reward on this one.




Irons in the Fire

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The key is not to get distracted.Fire

Well, not too distracted anyway. These days having a drifting creative imagination seems to be an asset. Unfortunately, ideas

don’t pay the bills without a tangible effort behind them.

I have finished a breif summary and diagram for the new app concept. It could use a fair amount of review and some ideas on how to join several of the partnerships, but it’s on paper – so now I can shop it, I mean share it – OK I really mean shop it.
I’m looking forward to a business meeting Friday to discuss a list of burning questions. Now is one of those times I concentrate on not over networking or over-business-ing an outing. Yay for growth opportunities!The weather is coming in for a couple days of rain here in Sacramento. Typical seasonal showers are terrific for bringing out my inner Seattle tech hippie – at least for a couple days. Then I start understanding Cobain just a little better.

Looks like soup and cocoa with the boys this evening.



Monday, Monday

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Okay, more coffee…

After a second read on this guy’s business plan I think it is time for HB and I to guild it over. What a terrific (and currently profitable) idea! We are so ready to take this concept to the creators next evolution of the business. Get ready F… we have some AWESOME things for you.

So more meetings and drafting concept plans. This has some promise, but no real investor funding to which I am aware yet. that keeps the nerves a little shaky, but then if this gig was easy everyone would be doing it. (I’m not a drone, I’m not a drone, I’m not a drone).

This week I need to complete the outline for the app concept, get a status on the aforementioned business expansion, and maybe toss together an AS course. Busy, busy.

I’m also considering joining a Subaru WRX club to meet more like minded folks… more on that to come.

What an awesome week to come!