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Let me catch you up to speed…

Early last month I joined the esteemed ranks of the unemploy… -er- independent consultants (yeah, that sounds better – consultant – yeah, that’s the ticket). Since then, I have been tooling around with a colleague in a similar situation and together we have encountered at least half a dozen “opportunities” to earn some cash.  So far, the used cellphone market is the only thing yielding income.  Fortunately there is are at least 2 items in the hopper.

The trick is to leverage 10 years of corporate training experience into the wild. I’ve seen it done – and well. Consultants I have worked with in the past earn north of 6 figures, but the path to that is a bit unclear. One thing in common (happens also to be in common with any other successful startup) is the crossroads of ingenuity and need. I have an awesome idea and the world is ready for it – more importantly, ready to pay for it.

Idea 1 is to invest our training know-how into sell-able online courses.  The platform already exists. There are a couple of businesses that aggregate training content submitted by professionals and have a captive audience in the hundreds of thousands that ‘may’ be interested. Cool. I have a list of potential ideas, but nothing that has come to fruition.

The other idea centers around assisting small business expansion. There are several facets I can address including workflow stuctures and employee training strategies & execution.  I am by no means picking and choosing. At this point, it’s more like casting a line into the dark murky depths and seeing if I can get a nibble. Hell, catching a boot would be something!

More on these as they grow (bonus points for optimism!)

My personal yard sale on eBay is getting a little light. I presume my strategy on sales there is not paying out maximum commission. I’m working on that as I find things to hock.

In the mean time, the weather is getting nicer. I think I’ll hire me to do some outside repair on the yard pretty soon – this week if the weather stays nice.




A Candid Intro

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Hello there.

So here is the transition… 10 years of the corporate roller-coaster at a Fortune 50 telecommunications company have taught me a few things – chief among them that I have no interest in working for a Fortune 50 telco. A business of massive, rapid growth has officially transitioned to a utility company in a technologically saturated market. That does things to organizations. That does things to professional relationships. That does things to the primary tasks for which an employee is held accountable. …fade to black.

So that is not the thing for a “creative-type” to get stuck in, but what is? What is the logical next step for an institutionalized corporate drone in a world where Angry Birds gives way to Draw Something as the top form of smartphone entertainment in the span of 2 years? Where Tesla is beginning the sentence that will spell defeat for the combustion engine in consumer vehicles? Where your diary ends up on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, eBay, and Amazon?

Where does the money come from? EDD will be sending Unemployment checks for a while – and those replace about half of an income. Step one is using eBay for a virtual yard sale of some old tech stuff. So far, slow and go.

I aim to discover just that… With my trusty cliche MacBook in tow I am ready to explore.  What is the nature of business for the modern consultant? Where is the work coming from? What rags do I read and which do I let fade into obscurity (hint: I think Fast Company and Wired are staying on the list a while). Who has a lead and where will they lead? And is this all TMI?

What follows is my exploration.



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