So, it’s been awhile… 

A long while, but I’ve been busy.

There are now two consultancies (though called by a different name).

First came the Human Trafficking Abolitionist Group – a valiant effort to bond non-profit organizations in a comprehensive network of freedom fighters, united to end modern slavery. We consult with orgs that Educate on the threat of human trafficking, Liberate victims from traffickers, and Rehabilitate victims of trafficking to reintegrate into society. Check them (us) out at

Then came Workforce Equanimity ( – housed here in WordPress), a collaborated effort between me and Dr. Larry Hiner, PsyD to address the gap between employees and loving their job. Larry (yes, Dad), was focussed intently on the concepts of Employee Enablement, what that means, and how a business may create that. I was intent on leveraging 8 years of advanced classroom training and development know-how… Voila! A business that has as much a social mission as a capital one.