The key is not to get distracted.Fire

Well, not too distracted anyway. These days having a drifting creative imagination seems to be an asset. Unfortunately, ideas

don’t pay the bills without a tangible effort behind them.

I have finished a breif summary and diagram for the new app concept. It could use a fair amount of review and some ideas on how to join several of the partnerships, but it’s on paper – so now I can shop it, I mean share it – OK I really mean shop it.
I’m looking forward to a business meeting Friday to discuss a list of burning questions. Now is one of those times I concentrate on not over networking or over-business-ing an outing. Yay for growth opportunities!The weather is coming in for a couple days of rain here in Sacramento. Typical seasonal showers are terrific for bringing out my inner Seattle tech hippie – at least for a couple days. Then I start understanding Cobain just a little better.

Looks like soup and cocoa with the boys this evening.