Okay, more coffee…

After a second read on this guy’s business plan I think it is time for HB and I to guild it over. What a terrific (and currently profitable) idea! We are so ready to take this concept to the creators next evolution of the business. Get ready F… we have some AWESOME things for you.

So more meetings and drafting concept plans. This has some promise, but no real investor funding to which I am aware yet. that keeps the nerves a little shaky, but then if this gig was easy everyone would be doing it. (I’m not a drone, I’m not a drone, I’m not a drone).

This week I need to complete the outline for the app concept, get a status on the aforementioned business expansion, and maybe toss together an AS course. Busy, busy.

I’m also considering joining a Subaru WRX club to meet more like minded folks… more on that to come.

What an awesome week to come!