Coffee Shop PhotoContinuing the cliches…

Yes, a coffee shop. Don’t judge me… ok, too late I suppose. I guess the aim here is to venture out and at least be in the presence of other people that do not do the mon-fri 9-5.  In a way, it’s a soothing experience marred only slightly by the tight restrictions placed by the shop’s firewall – presumably from having people post up in their seats. Ahem. WordPress itself is blocked. Fortunately, my iPhone’s hotspot feature keeps me well within the anarchist’s code – fight the system, man. I mean, didn’t I pay for this with my $3.25 small chai latte? I didn’t even complicate the thing with my typical “soy” adjunct to the order – sheesh.

No real updates so far. I’ve been tooling around with the idea of a user app for restaurant patrons – sort of an addon to yelp and its ilk. I’ll map that one out today and see if it could be profitable and what it might take to gain traction. My kingdom for an app designer.

I’m also peeping out options for a workflow integration for a small business that is investigating expansion.  That’s putting it pessimistically – this guy is chomping at the bit to expand, but doing it cautiously. Turns out that workflow software sights are written for software consultants to decipher. Time to put out the feelers there too.

Well, the internet experience is pretty shoddy here so I’ll be waiting til I get back to the home office to link a pic. Looking through the entrepreneurial lens, this perceived failure is a pretty good lesson in where not to go (despite the yummy chai latte). I’m going with success for the day so far.

Ooo, The Beatles on the playlist… guess it’s not all bad.