Let me catch you up to speed…

Early last month I joined the esteemed ranks of the unemploy… -er- independent consultants (yeah, that sounds better – consultant – yeah, that’s the ticket). Since then, I have been tooling around with a colleague in a similar situation and together we have encountered at least half a dozen “opportunities” to earn some cash.  So far, the used cellphone market is the only thing yielding income.  Fortunately there is are at least 2 items in the hopper.

The trick is to leverage 10 years of corporate training experience into the wild. I’ve seen it done – and well. Consultants I have worked with in the past earn north of 6 figures, but the path to that is a bit unclear. One thing in common (happens also to be in common with any other successful startup) is the crossroads of ingenuity and need. I have an awesome idea and the world is ready for it – more importantly, ready to pay for it.

Idea 1 is to invest our training know-how into sell-able online courses.  The platform already exists. There are a couple of businesses that aggregate training content submitted by professionals and have a captive audience in the hundreds of thousands that ‘may’ be interested. Cool. I have a list of potential ideas, but nothing that has come to fruition.

The other idea centers around assisting small business expansion. There are several facets I can address including workflow stuctures and employee training strategies & execution.  I am by no means picking and choosing. At this point, it’s more like casting a line into the dark murky depths and seeing if I can get a nibble. Hell, catching a boot would be something!

More on these as they grow (bonus points for optimism!)

My personal yard sale on eBay is getting a little light. I presume my strategy on sales there is not paying out maximum commission. I’m working on that as I find things to hock.

In the mean time, the weather is getting nicer. I think I’ll hire me to do some outside repair on the yard pretty soon – this week if the weather stays nice.